needed something lighthearted today.  it’s been a heavy week.  cake has been my good friend the past couple days.  yes, it does make things better.  not a solution, but boy it sure tastes good.  sometimes i wonder if people have it backwards.  that adults really are the children (because they sure do act that way) and that children really are the adults (all the wise things they say, the simple truths they teach us).

words.  gossiping makes me so tired.  not the doing it, the hearing it, the seeing it, the tension it causes.  division.  and it’s funny, you know?  that even though you see the destruction it leaves in its wake, you begin to do it too.  because you want to throw in your two cents on what’s going on.  but you have to talk about what’s going on to do it.  don’t get sucked in.  trying really hard.

okay.  enough of that.


i was going to go on my walk today, my first day to myself this week.  need to get in as many as possible since the rainy season is coming.  soon there won’t be many clear days.  but instead i ended up at home upgrading to iOS 5.  as much as i was looking forward to it, so far i only like the notifications, reading list…and of course the twitter integration.   but i noticed i really haven’t been tweeting as often as before nor is what i tweet very interesting.  oh well.

this post has no substance.  that’s because what i really came to do is list the things i’m grateful for.  i feel like i haven’t done that in a while.


today, i’m grateful for…

  • Av’s birthday on monday.  :)
  • ocd put to good use.  isn’t it lovely?  (i saw this a while back, but when i saw it again, i thought it looked so beautiful)
  • the library book that i put on hold is in.  but my craving for poetry has passed.  let’s still give it a shot, shall we?
  • eggs over easy with bacon in the morning.  stick them between two pieces of bread and i’m out the door!
  • realizing that toasting bread really DOES make a difference.
  • cutting my nails this weekend.  as much fun as it was to paint them, i feel too practical to be girly.
  • i feel like what i said, even though it was an encouragement, has dimmed your spirit.  you’re not as feisty.  and i think i miss that.
  • sorrento reunion 2.0 is a go, right?  can’t hardly wait.  really.
  • shane and shane are offering free downloads of 2 new songs.  but i can’t figure out how to do it on my mac.  or.  maybe it’s because the offer expired? hope it works for you.
  • mr. panny.  too cute.
  • a co-worker brought in black berry goat cheese spread to share.  it was so delicious.  S grabbed some to taste and took it back to his office.  a couple minutes later, he came back into the kitchen and said, “i hate goat cheese.”  he looked so grumpy.  but it was so funny to me.
  • the $10 i found on the ground.
  • a new journal.  as much as i have journals coming out of my ears, i can’t wait to use this one.  because i wanted to list all the things that i am grateful for, on a DAILY basis.  and there was the person that gifted it to me.  :)  but oh, this is the birthday that just will not die.  oh my.
  • giant confetti.  the colors are so pretty together.
  • and geez, while i’m at it, this.  the BEST kind of research.
  • emailing back and forth with good friends.  even though it’s kind of heart breaking.  kind of sort of literally.  but it will be okay.  we will be okay.
  • obviously.  heart, believe what the head is telling you.
  • saw this on J’s tumblr.  and can’t really believe that it’s real, that it’s possible.  how lovely.  “i can be a safe place of comfort and stability in storms of uncertainty…”